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Heli Tuomi

Time to Flow

9 tools for making time to create optimal experience wherever you work, whatever you do

Being ‘in flow’ is a state of optimal experience, where time disappears as you focus. People who experience flow report higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction. Flow helps you not only be more productive and efficient but also – and perhaps more importantly – have more fun in your work (regardless of where or what you work at). Work becomes more meaningful and sustainable. At MakeTimeFlow, our vision is to help people flourish in their lives through optimal experience by helping improve 3 measures: impact, productivity and life balance (it’s important to measure all of these simultaneously; most people focus only on one). The MakeTimeFlow platform is a comprehensive system that offers skills development, tools and techniques, guidance by trusted advisors (coaches), and a community of like-minded people. We are a small, family-owned company based in the Boston area; we design and handbuild the Flow TimeBox devices and work with many kinds of people in our communities, customizing the program for each client we work with – from medical professionals to software teams, research lab groups, students, brand-new and working parents, universities, non-profits, and companies of all sizes. We initially designed MakeTimeFlow as a tool to help ourselves balance the demands of work, family life (young kids at the time), and passions. It worked for us. Today, the community is growing as so many people struggle with overwhelm, lack of meaning, personal-domestic-professional balance, and burnout. Join us, and see what finding flow can do for you.

Heli Tuomi

Heli Tuomi is cofounder, COO and CXO Chief Experience Officer of MakeTimeFlow, a platform for human flourishing that helps people develop skills and conditions in life that create optimal experience (which not only boosts productivity but also makes any work more fun!). Prior to starting the company with her husband Dr. Narath Carlile, Heli worked for over two decades in experience-based project design/development for global brands like IOC, World Expo, and governments and cultural institutions, most recently with Parallel World Labs. Her projects blended film, interactive media and experience design in immersive spaces for visitor centres, art galleries, aquariums and science centers, using story and exploration as pathways for learning. Originally from Finland but raised in tide pools on British Columbia’s foggy Sunshine Coast, Heli earned her MA in Journalism from UWO, and a BAH in Film Studies from Queen’s University. She lives in Brookline with Narath and their two delightful teens, and is currently working out of the Harvard Innovation Lab.