CGI frog coming out of a holographic display

Immersive Humanities

Matt will demonstrate three new immersive experiences, on a walk-in basis, including:

  • Lume Pad 2: Engage with a glasses-free holographic display featuring recent 3D scans of collections material from across Harvard, produced by Harvard Library’s Imaging Services department.
  • Dante in VR: Experience The Divine Comedy through 13 immersive experiences, complete with a powerful choral soundtrack and highly stylized visualizations, based on the famed etchings by Gustave Doré. 
  • Longhand: Journey through each month in the first year (1930) of Astounding Stories science-fiction magazine in with a text-to-3D system that uses natural language processing to build immersive word clouds.
CGI illustration of a frog coming out of a holographic display
Gustave Dore illustration of the Divine Comedy
Illustration of The Divine Comedy by Gustave Doré

Matt Cook

Matt Cook wearing a suit and holding a book, standing in front of a staircase

As Digital Scholarship Program Manager for Harvard Library, Matt supports diverse scholarly efforts with emerging computational methods, engaging learning spaces, and a campus-wide network of technological expertise. Matt’s personal research interests include 3D technologies (e.g. photogrammetry, VR, etc.) and embodied cognition. After studying philosophy at the undergraduate and graduate, Matt began working full time in libraries and developing new tools and systems to augment research and instruction across disciplines. As a researcher, Matt also study the state and trajectory of digital scholarship more generally, as well as what it takes to manage exploratory teams in libraries and the impact of new knowledge services related to physical fabrication and mindfulness.