• PopUp MakerSpace
    Stop by and make something! Check out electronics and other fun bits and pieces including the library’s 3D Doodler. Led by longtime DIY maker Rob Hart, this popular Maker area is also a popular space at ArtTechPsyche. Learn about maker opportunities at Harvard and network with likeminded folks. Rob Hart Former member of the Harvard Physics Instructional Labs,… Read more: PopUp MakerSpace
  • Remix Harvard Art Museums’ Collections
    Join us for a spell and play with the museums’ data! We’ll hack apart the collections and grow new forests of art! Jeff Steward For over twenty years Jeff has worked at museums with museum data. He’s spent that time working on the fundamental interconnectedness of all things at two major art museums in the greater Boston Area: MFA,… Read more: Remix Harvard Art Museums’ Collections
  • AR Artists’ Books from the Fine Arts Library
    Stop by and try out the AR enhanced features on a selection of artists’ books from the Fine Arts Library. Selections will include: Acqua Alta: Crossing the Mirror by Adrien M & Claire B (2020) Ultra HD premium features by Bobby Davidson (2019) See No Evil by Adrianne Wortzel (2022) Jessica Evans Brady Jessica Evans Brady is… Read more: AR Artists’ Books from the Fine Arts Library
  • Immersive Humanities
    Matt will demonstrate three new immersive experiences, on a walk-in basis, including: Matt Cook As Digital Scholarship Program Manager for Harvard Library, Matt supports diverse scholarly efforts with emerging computational methods, engaging learning spaces, and a campus-wide network of technological expertise. Matt’s personal research interests include 3D technologies (e.g. photogrammetry, VR, etc.) and embodied cognition. After studying philosophy at the… Read more: Immersive Humanities
  • The Harvard Plate Stacks Collection
    Capturing the Intangible Universe Learn more about the Harvard Plate Stacks, a world-renowned collection of Glass Plate Negatives of the night sky, and the generations of early women at Harvard who created, stewarded, and researched this collection that spans over 100 years. Make your own cyanotypes from some of the most famous images in our… Read more: The Harvard Plate Stacks Collection