• Caitlin Foley & Misha Rabinovich
    Shrine to Fallen Microbes Caitlin & Misha will be talking about their current project Shrine to Fallen Microbes. They say “The need for a diverse microbiome is for us a potent analogy for the need for cultural diversity among people.” Shrine to Fallen Microbes is an interactive website stored on Arweave, the “permaweb.” Artist duo Caitlin & Misha… Read more: Caitlin Foley & Misha Rabinovich
  • Jeffrey Pomerantz
    Virtual Field Trips to the Past Jeffrey Pomerantz is a recovering academic and a founder of Proximal, an educational technology company democratizing experiential learning by building immersive learning experiences, and tools to help you build your own. In a previous life, Pomerantz was a tenured Associate Professor in the School of Information and Library Science… Read more: Jeffrey Pomerantz
  • Heli Tuomi
    Time to Flow 9 tools for making time to create optimal experience wherever you work, whatever you do Being ‘in flow’ is a state of optimal experience, where time disappears as you focus. People who experience flow report higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction. Flow helps you not only be more productive and efficient… Read more: Heli Tuomi
  • Digital Art And/As Performance: A Conversation with Dr. Leonie Bradbury and Dr. EL Putnam
    PseudoRandom Contemporary art curator Leonie Bradbury and performance artist  EL Putnam discuss their collaborative work on the recent exhibition PseudoRandom at Emerson Contemporary, considering the challenges and possibilities of creating and presenting digital art. The exhibition explores aesthetic encounters through digital performance by implicating the artist, technology, and the viewer. Putnam examines performance art beyond lens based media, while questioning the ways time… Read more: Digital Art And/As Performance: A Conversation with Dr. Leonie Bradbury and Dr. EL Putnam
  • Tupac Martir
    Technology as a Character The use of technology as not only something that enhances a show, but rather, how it is seen as a character in the story. The decision made in the creative process of the technology creates an ephemeral character that helps drive the story. Tupac is a light magician, creative visionary and… Read more: Tupac Martir